Evolution Source Control System Integrates with Graphics Tools

Irvine, CA - March 22, 2005 - ionForge Company, a leading provider of next-generation software configuration management tools, today announced the release of Evolution 2.3. Evolution 2.3 is the breakthrough source control and asset management solution that includes integrations with the popular Adobe Photoshop and Caligari tools, including gameSpace and trueSpace.

"Artists are an integral part of software development, particularly in games," said Nick Ni, the CTO at ionForge. "But to collaborate with the rest of the team, artists usually need to leave their familiar environment and interrupt their creative process. We had already solved this problem for software engineers by integrating with Microsoft Development Environments, so integrating with popular graphics tools for artists was the next logical step."

With the new Evolution plug-ins, artists can perform everyday asset management operations from directly within their familiar tools. A menu will appear right in the graphic tool’s window that allows the artist to:

• Retrieve the latest version of an art file
• Check out or check in files
• View entire change histories
• See information about a file
• See the differences between versions of a file using their preferred difference tool

This seamless integration will encourage collaborative best practices within an entire team, instead of just the software engineers. Combined with Evolution’s powerful snapshot Production™ system, every component that composes a project can be carefully controlled for robust build and deployment processes.

ionForge also recently announced significant performance enhancements to handle very large art assets, including terabyte-scale assets such as video files. Future integrations with popular 3D modeling and other popular content generation tools are planned.

The 10-user evaluation and completely free and unrestricted single user Evolution Personal Edition can be downloaded at http://www.ionforge.com/products/evolution

About ionForge

Founded in 2001, ionForge is committed to providing innovative solutions for the common problems encountered by software development teams.

Based in Orange County, California – ionForge is focused on providing their clients with:

• An immediate return on investment.
• Minimal transitional costs.
• Long-term value.

ionForge is committed to delivering solutions that solve problems immediately, require no downtime and have little learning curve, and provide obvious value in both the medium and long term.


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