Agency9 to Exhibit at GDC with SUN Microsystems, Inc.

San Francisco, California / Luleå, Sweden, March 8, 2005 - Agency9, a successful company in northern Sweden, is one of the first to offer an entirely platform-independent 3D engine for advanced real-time 3D graphics. The AgentFX 3D engine is one of the most powerful 3D development platforms.

“Agency9 is an excellent example of how high-tech research can be further developed into strong business concepts and worldleading products. Developed using Java™ technologies, the AgentFX engine truly enables high performance, cross platform game development.”, said Chris Melissinos, Chief Gaming Officer at Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Agency9 will be parting up with SUN Microsystems, Inc. during GDC at Moscone Center in San Francisco to demonstrate Megacorps™ Online, an award winning action game based on AgentFX. The game utilizes high-end features like real-time shadows, dynamic lightings and skeleton animations. It can be played on PC Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Unix systems. The game can also be launched directly through the internet.

“Our mission is to provide game developers with platform-independent 3D engine, allowing them to shortening their time to market. This way they can focus all their creativity on creating smarter and better games instead of redevelopment for each platform.”, said Khashayar Farmanbar, CEO of Agency9.

Using AgentFX, new games can be directly commercialized and tested via the Internet, providing a real boost for both business and product development.

“Agency9’s professionalism and competence help us and other game developers to achieve our goals on time and within budget.”, said Nigel Papworth, Lead Game Designer at 258 productions.


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