Virtools to Introduce the Game Developer Starter Program at the GDC 2005

Montreal, March 1st, 2005 - Virtools™, the leading provider of interactive 3D authoring tools, today announced the upcoming introduction of the Game Developer Starter Program at GDC.

As the video game market is becoming more and more competitive, development studios definitely have to respect the quick time-to-market requirements of this industry. Indeed, major publishers tend to take safe and risk-free decisions when financing a game development. Being able to create and show a high quality working prototype quickly is decisive for game studios to get a chance to obtain a development budget.

This market trend encouraged Virtools to support small and mid-sized game studios by launching the Game Developer Starter Program. This program will include temporary licenses of the highly acclaimed Virtools Dev, the core component of the Virtools Software Suite and a dedicated follow-up.

This program aims at giving developers a powerful and professional toolset, so they're able to focus on storyline, game design, advanced graphics, visual effects and gameplay instead of dealing with costly programming. The program will help them multiply opportunities to sign with a publisher.

"Virtools Dev represents over 100 man.year of Research & Development and 1,000s of man.year of customer use since 1999. We truly think this program can help the market be even more creative, and help small studios find a publisher faster. Rather than building tools, the developers will start immediately with many ready-to-use components, that allows them to have a playable game in a matter of days instead of months. This program will also help the studios pass the learning curve to be even more efficient", said Virgile Delporte, VP Sales Americas.

Any game studio located in the US or Canada should contact Virtools to see if they qualify for the program. Studios should request an application form to and will get a response within 2 business days after their submission. They may also set up meetings at the GDC (booth #125) with the lead programmers of Virtools by contacting Karine Guilbert at

About Virtools™

Virtools launched its commercial activities in 1993 with consulting and services targeting interactive real-time 3D. With vital industry needs in mind, Virtools built the company's initial software solution, Virtools Dev. As an Independent Software Vendor since Q4 1999, Virtools has become the leading provider of comprehensive software development solutions for building innovative, highly interactive 3D content.

Virtools Dev comes with the strong exporters from 3ds max, Maya, XSI and Lightwave, about 450 ready-to-use Building Blocks to program the interaction within the Virtools Behavioral Engine, the Virtools Scripting Language (C like syntax), the Software Development Kit (SDK) and the state of the arts render engines for DirectX and OpenGL.

With several thousands of users throughout the world, the Virtools Software Suite enables prototyping, development and deployment of offline and online/networked video games, along with applications in the fields of industrial simulation/virtual reality and marketing/multimedia.

Virtools clients include major game studios such as Electronic Arts, Microïds, Sony Computer Entertainment, Microsoft, Dreamcatcher, Warner Bros Online, Blue Fang Games and Ubisoft, as well as industry leaders such as Procter & Gamble, PSA peugeot Citroen, EDF, EADS, CEA, CNRS, France Telecom, Matsushita, American Department of Energy, Intel, Publicis Networks/Renault, Arte TV and L'Oréal.

Among its partners in the gaming industry, Virtools counts Microsoft, Sony, Nvidia/ATI, Discreet, Alias, Newtek, Havok NxN and Softimage.

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