ionForge Offers Readers Free Source Control Management Software

ionForge is proud to offer members and visitors a free fully functional single-user license of the Evolution Source Control System. Evolution introduces to the market many features, including revolutionary new ways of managing revisions of entire programs and components, instead of attempting to control an entire code base at the individual file level. It goes beyond the simple check in and checkout of files, and provides development teams with a multi-dimensional view of their digital assets. Features, for all members of development team from project managers to developers and architects to build engineers, include:

  • Real time updating: Enables users to know that what they see in their client is the true state of the system.
  • Deferred locks: Queues and automatically serves checkout requests on common files
  • Advanced branching: Reduces resource consuming merge incidents.
  • Works in Progress: Guarantees developers can save their valuable work without stepping on their teammates toes, even if it's uncompilable.
  • Built-in offsite support: Access your source from anywhere without plug-ins or additional software.
  • Productions: Nest versioned components within each other and implement build processes with multiple acceptance levels.

ionForge has been fully supporting game developers and game development companies who aim for advanced source control solutions. This offer is available for a limited time; take advantage of the offer before it's too late! The software can be downloaded by clicking here.


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