AgentFX 2.1 Released

A new version of AgentFX™, the leading platform independent solution for developing 3D application and games, has been released. AgentFX 2.1 includes many updates and a complete new licensing model. The engine features high-end features, such as real-time shadows, dynamic lighting, pixel and vertex shaders. AgentFX is written in Java and uses the OpenGL API.

AgentFX 3D-engine offers true platform independence, making the applications based on it directly available on Microsoft’s Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and UNIX platforms. The applications and games based on AgentFX are also immediately ready for use on web sites. AgentFX helps developers to cut their development time and costs by up to 40%, eliminating the need for redevelopment of applications and games for each platform.

"The use of AgentFX allows our customers to launch their applications and games on a wide variety of platforms, but only carry the development costs of one platform", says Khashayar Farmanbar, CEO of Agency9.

The new version, AgentFX 2.1, comes with a totally new license form, making a beneficial offer to many SME’s working with visualisations and 3D entertainment.

"We want to empower small developers to use a high-end fully-fledged 3D-engine at a reasonable cost. When we started, our goal was to make the web fun. Now we make it possible for all developers to create fun games and applications with state-of-the-art graphics and make it available on the web and all platforms", says Khashayar Farmanbar, CEO of Agency9.

Some technical updates:

  • Rewrite and major update of the scengraph and the rendering engine.
  • Improved support for vertex and pixel shaders using Cg-language.
  • Resource-based Input/Out for use with Java Webstart.
  • New input system.

For more information please AgentFX website at:


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