Microsoft Imagine Cup: Game design Competition

The Imagine Cup is an international, student game design competition and features some of the brightest and most talented students from around the globe. Compete to create a mind blowing 3D video game and show off your coding and algorithm abilities. Code the strategy and behavior of a team of microscopic robots traveling inside the human body. This is also a good opportunity to win a trip to Japan, since Microsoft is sending the top 6 teams (teams of two) in this category to Yokohama. Detailed info on the competition can be found at Project Hoshimi as well as a link to register.

1st place receives $8,000

2nd place gets $4,000

3rd wins $3,000

Important Dates:

College Student Round 1 Submissions end: 2/1/05

Highschool Student Round 1 Submissions end: 3/1/05


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