Genetica 2 Details Revealed

Software development firm Spiral Graphics Inc. today revealed a number of details regarding its upcoming seamless texture editor, Genetica 2. The application, slated for release during the first quarter of 2005, is the much anticipated upgrade to the popular Genetica texture editor. Samples textures and illustrations available on the company's]">company's website.

According to the company, Genetica 2 will fully unveil a new "Lab System" that was first previewed by the Wood Workshop, Spiral Graphics' popular seamless wood generator released earlier this year. Included will be a new Substance Lab that will offer a user-friendly starting point for creating new textures, a new Weather Lab that will make it easy to apply numerous weathering and aging effects to textures, and a new Cut & Tile Lab that will allow users to quickly transform just about any texture into tiles, blocks, or boards.

For information on these and other new features along with example textures and illustrations, please refer to

Spiral Graphics Inc. is a software development firm based in Fort Collins, CO. Spiral Graphics' primary objective is to develop innovative graphics tools for the computer graphics community. Additional information may be obtained by visiting]"></a>.


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