Megacorps™ Online Receives Award for Excellence

Megacorps Online is an action game demo developed by Agency9, featuring some of the latest features available on the graphics market. The game acts as a reference application for the AgentFX 3D engine and is available for free. Megacorps Online can be played directly from a web environment, and is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

The Golden Polygon Awards recognize excellence in Real-time & interactive 3D contents. More than 150 3D contents were submitted to the Golden Polygon Awards 2004 Edition. The members of the organization selected 20 nominees in 4 categories.

Megacorps Online received a rewarding bronze position in 2004 years Golden Polygon Awards in the category for Rich Media / Entertainment.

Megacorps Online has rapidly become very popular. During the last three months it has gained more than 11 500 player.

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