GarageGames Releases Lighting Pack

Synapse Gaming is releasing the new version of the Lighting Pack for the Torque Game Engine 1.3. The Synapse Gaming Lighting Pack (1.3) now ships with an automated installer allowing easy integration into the Torque Game Engine. The Lighting Pack has lots of great features that will make your game look amazing.

The Lighting Pack features advanced lighting tools, such as a light editor that has been enhanced in the TGE 1.3 version to allow artists to adjust and tweak lighting settings more rapidly than ever. The lighting technology is specifically tailored to allow developers to create advanced special effects such as pseudo-specular highlights, bumpmapping and overbright effects on any graphics hardware. In addition, the Lighting Pack helps both game artists and programmers learn about lighting. Moreover, The Synapse Gaming Lighting Pack is currently being used to enhance several full-fledged, in-development games, including GravRally, Dark Horizons: Lore and more. This pack is a great way to add an amazing ambiance to your game. Check it out today at GarageGames.


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