Torque Shader Enqine Reaches First Milestone

GarageGames announced today that the Torque Shader Engine (TSE) has reached its first milestone, for which a demo version is now available for download. Never before has the power of a complete next-generation game development solution been available to independent game developers around the world, but with the passing of the first milestone, GarageGames has placed the power of TSE into the hands of independent and commercial game developers. GarageGames has also released an exclusive TSE demo and video showcasing not only the power of TSE but also gives owners of ATI x800 and nVIDIA 6800 graphic cards some incredible eye candy.

As you explore the exclusive TSE demo, seen first at IndieGamesCon´04, you´ll see the power of TSE as it showcases many different features like:

  • Glow Buffers on windows
  • Specular lighting
  • Normal Mapping
  • Cubemapping that highlights different reflections on the surface
  • Per-pixel Refraction displaying a live reflection of what´s around the item
  • Texture UV Animation
  • Glow shaders creating a soft feel
  • Refraction
  • Emissive effects creating a bright feel
  • And much more.

New Screenshots:
A Ghostly Car
Normal Mapping
The Torque Shader Engine is a robust next-generation stand alone game engine that has been built on the firm foundation of the Torque Game Engine, an industry proven game engine. The Torque Shader Engine can be purchased from GarageGames.

Download TSE Car Demo Now(Windows)

Watch the Videos of the Demo:


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