ionForge Announces Support for Independent Game Industry

ionForge Company, the leading provider of next-generation software configuration management tools, has announced the discounted pricing of Evolution 2, a breakthrough collaboration and source control product, to independent game developers. In addition to an unrestricted 2 user trial version, ionForge is offering licenses at $50 per user, a significant discount from the usual price of $550.

ionForge believes that the independent game industry, like the film industry, is the cradle of innovation. “It has always been and will always be the independents that are on the cutting edge of creativity,” said Nick Ni, Director of ionForge. “We are dedicated to fostering this innovation and we are pleased to offer our flagship product to indie developers at a budget-friendly price. We hope Evolution’s elegant management of their digital assets will free these pioneers to focus on their ideas rather than on their process, enabling the rest of us to play their games months or even years sooner.”

Evolution introduces to the market many features that no other solution can provide, including revolutionary new ways of managing revisions of entire programs and components, instead of attempting to control an entire code base at the individual file level. It goes beyond the simple check in and checkout of files, and provides development teams with a multi-dimensional view of their digital assets.

Features for all members of development team from project managers to developers to architects to build engineer include:

- Real time updating: Enables users to know that what they see in their client is the true state of the system.

- Works in Progress: Guarantees developers can save their valuable work without stepping on their teammates toes, even if it’s uncompilable.

- Deferred locks: Queues and automatically serves checkout requests on common files

- Built-in offsite support: Access your source from anywhere without plug-ins or additional software.

- Advanced branching: Reduces resource consuming merge incidents.

- Productions: Nest versioned components within each other and implement build processes with multiple acceptance levels.

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About ionForge Company

ionForge, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, develops next-generation solutions for managing code, content, and other digital assets in today's collaborative software and web development environments.


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