Khronos Announces the OpenGL ES 1.1. Coding Challenge

Khronos is pleased to announce the launch of the OpenGL ES 1.1 Coding Challenge. The contest will run in conjunction with the Khronos Developer University events beginning in Helsinki on Sept 17, 2004. The purpose of the contest is to create a library of sample code and applications for hardware accelerated OpenGL ES games, demos and screensavers that make people stop and stare with their mouths wide open, asking "That's running on a cell phone!?"

The OpenGL ES 1.1 Coding Challenge has three fundamental goals:

  • Creation of original hardware accelerated OpenGL ES tutorials, games and applications
  • Success and recognition of talented OpenGL ES programmers and developers
  • Education of the OpenGL ES mobile development community

Project Entry Categories

Winners will be selected from each of three project categories:

  • The coolest self-running demos - including 3D screensavers, technological demos, and visual FX demos
  • Educational demos - a series of progressive educational demos that help other developers learn how to code in OpenGL ES 1.1 The model for this is the OpenGL basic and advanced samples and similar resources like the Nehe OpenGL Tutorials. So we are looking for a series of tutorial-like demos that progress a coder from basic to advanced functions, from simple to sophisticated.
  • Games - Interactive games or game proof of concepts

Prizes and marketing benefits will be awarded to the winners and finalists in each category. Grand Award winners to be announced at GDC San Francisco Mar05.

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