GarageGames Invites Game Developers to Join the Revolution

All game developers are invited to join the revolution at IndieGamesCon '04 in Eugene, Oregon on October 8, 9 and 10th. This year´s conference is a fun, informal and informative gathering of independent game developers with the keynote address “The Story Behind GameHouse” by Garr Godfrey from GameHouse, now a division of RealNetworks.

IndieGamesCon (IGC) is a summit meeting of like-minded game developers with the shared goal of collaboration and building community. Along with sessions on game art, technology, tools and business, the event has a central ShowOFF center open to developers to play-test and showcase current prototypes, demos and newly released games. There will be a Live IndieJam Party sponsored by Wild Duck Brewery and the action-packed LAN party sponsored by nVidia.

“The Revolution has already begun and its great to see people joining up every day,” comments Jeff Tunnell, President of GarageGames. “IGC is becoming an annual milestone for independent developers to show off their games.”

IGC provides connections and content for programmers, artists and indie entrepreneurs. If you´ve caught the incurable desire to make games commercially, or even as a hobbyist, this is a community gathering of like-minded individuals you will not want to miss. Speakers include Jeff Tunnell on game design, Jeannie Novak on indie entrepreneurship, Ron Powers and Dave Nixon on the state of the industry, Thomas Buscaglia on law and many more.

Early registration is online and costs $150 for a three-day pass, including sessions, t-shirt, food, parties and beverage of choice (“beer”) for those registering before September 17th. Space is limited so reservations will be on a first-come first-serve basis. Registrations after September 17th will be $195. More information is available at


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