ATI comments hint at progress on Xbox 2 hardware

ATI's Cheif Financial Officor, Terry Nickerson, has made some comments at the Smith Barney Citigroup 2004 Technology Conference about how the company's development work on the graphics unit for Xbox 2 is near completion. He has also made a short comment about the companies involement with the next-generation console development for Nintendo. This is somewhat in agreement to previous claims about the expected launch of Xbox 2, which is expected to hit stores before the end of 2005.

The current Xbox 2 developers have been using prototype development kits based on PowerMac G5 systems and are expected to see a more advanced development hardware soon.

Unlike Xbox 1, Microsoft's approach this time for Xbox 2 has been to license technology itself rather than to buy bulk volumes of technology it did not own from firms like Intel and NVIDIA.


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