Codewarrior Named as Official DS Development Suite

Metrowerks has signed an agreement with Nintendo to provide development tools for the forthcoming DS console. The companies have begun the distribution of the CodeWarrior Development Studio for Nintendo DS, designed specifically for the DS hardware. According to a statement by Metrowerks, over 100 counties have received the CodeWarrior kits.

The Nintendo DS (short for Nintendo Developer's System or Nintendo Dual Screen) is a forthcoming dual-screen portable video game console from Nintendo, scheduled to be launched worldwide in Fall 2004. According to preliminary reports, the console will feature two separate 3-inch TFT LCD displays at a resolution of 256 × 192, two separate ARM processors (ARM9 main CPU @ 67 MHz, ARM7 coprocessor @ 33 MHz), and semiconductor memory of up to 1 Gigabit (128 MB). It also allegedly will have a 3D engine capable of drawing 120,000 polygons per second, implying a fill-rate of 30 million pixels per second.


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