Cricket Audio v1.1 Released

Cricket Audio, an audio software library for iOS and Android, has just been updated to version 1.1.

This new release adds the ability to apply audio effects to your sounds. The library includes several predefined effects (with more to be added soon), and you can also define your own custom effects.

Cricket Audio allows app developers to quickly add sound to their apps with just a few lines of code. It can play sounds directly from memory with low latency, or stream them from storage media, and is designed specifically for mobile games, with highly optimized code and low, predictable memory usage. It also works on Windows and OS X, so it can be integrated into authoring tools.

Cricket Audio simplifies the task of writing cross-platform apps by providing a common C++ interface that can be used on both iOS and Android. It also offers an Objective-C interface for use on iOS and a Java interface for Android.

Cricket Audio’s easy-to-use data processing tools are provided for both Windows and OS X.

Cricket Audio is now available for free for use in any app, requiring only a mention in the credits. Source licenses are also available for purchase for those developers who need source code or do not wish to include a credit.

Cricket Audio can be downloaded from the Cricket Technology website,


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