New Features added to MegaFiers for Unity

We have done a quick video showing some of the features of the MegaFiers Mesh animation, deformation and morphing system for Unity. The systems comes with over 40 modifiers and 16 space warps such twist, bend, FFD etc as well as a point cache animation system and an advanced Morphing system with custom exporters for Max, Maya and Blender. The system also includes a full spline and spline to mesh system called MegaShapes as well as various new helper systems for doing dynamic water, dynamic hoses to connect objects, animated tank tracks, books and more.

The modifiers can be combined to achieve complex results such as applying a twist and a bend to a mesh and the entire system has been multi threaded so if your device has multiple cores they can be used. The system runs on all platforms except Flash (will be fixed soon) and is being used in already in many games on mobile devices as well as Mac, PC, Playstation 3 and XBox.

We are also working with the Di-O-Matic people the creators of Facial Studio to easily bring their facial animation and morphing output into Unity as well also supporting motion captured facial animation made using the FaceShift system.

More information as well as demos and videos of the system in use can be found on our website Tracked vehicle systemDynamic Hoses


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