KGE 0.0.7 released, Deferred shading

Kochol Game Engine 0.0.7 released.

It has more than 1.5 MB of source code now. I ported the source code of engine to git repository on because the git can let me to release stable versions more quickly by using the amazing branching system of git the master branch always has the stable version.

The new Material Manger and Material system of KGE now generate shader code on the fly for different effects that user request. The material system has two rendering path for both forward and deferred rendering. I’m really satisfied with rendering speed and quality.

The effect manager now works better for rendering shadow maps and post process effects like post bloom. An advanced particle system implemented in KGE.

PhysX also implemeted in engine but we don’t tested it yet. Maybe this part of engine have to be rewritten.

The tiled terrain scene node of engine is very amazing for blending many textures on it and render the terrain in only one pass. You can blend textures with per pixel blending up to 64 textures.

Mesh instancing implemented in engine now you can place many 3d models in your scene without worring about speed

Many bugs fixed and many minor features added to this version.

KGE website is

You can download it from

A game with this engine released in Iran called Siavosh see its website at


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