CopperCube 4 Released, includes Android support

CopperCube, the editor for creating 3D apps and games has been released today in version 4.0. It now includes the possibity to also generate Android apps, and has Particle System support.

Without programming, you can create 3D games, model viewers, architectural visualizations and similar with this editor. You can create Windows and Mac OS X apps, Flash files, WebGL websites with it, and now also Android Apps. There are a few new demos on the CopperCube website, showing this.

CopperCube 4 includes the following new features:

  • Android Support – enabling the creation of Android apps
  • Particle Systems, a way to create fire, smoke, rain, fountains, fog, and more
  • Touch screen support for mobile devices
  • Customizable loading screen support
  • Improved text rendering, including multi-line text
  • New and improved actions and behaviors, to make it possible to create more complex games, like for example Vehicle behavior.
  • Possibility to automate the editor via command-line and scripts
  • New prefabs and example apps
  • Performance improvements for all publishing targets

More infos on the CopperCube Website.


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