AgentFX 2 Available for Testing and Purchase

AgentFX™ 2 Platform is a competent 3D-engine developed in pure Java using the OpenGL API. The engine offers a clean interface for developers and comes with a large variety of features such as dynamic lighting, octree spatial subdivision, portal system and a state-of-the-art character animation system with skeleton-based animations.

AgentFX 2 Platform boosts profitability, increases market penetration and brings high availability to the high-end 3D-market. "The use of AgentFX™ 2 Platform gives high availability on many platforms, as the product is ready for use directly on PC, Macintosh and Linux platforms. The application can also easily be moved to the web, without any delays – a platform transition that is impossible with traditional techniques on the market.” Says Khashayar Farmanbar, CEO of Agency9 as a comment to the high availability offered by the AgentFX™ 2 Platform.

Applications and games can be developed for more than one platform at once. For example the same application can be run on Macintosh, Linux as well as Microsoft Windows based PCs. This offer shorter time-to-market and boosts profitability. It also frees resources and allows developers to concentrate on quality.

Luleå University of Technology (LTU) has chosen Agency9 to be their partner for educations within advanced 3D graphics and Virtual Reality. LTU is currently using AgentFX™ 2 Platform.

"Agency9 is world-leading with their graphics engine based on Java. The engine is fast and easy to use for a wide variety of applications, all from games to industrial simulation applications. We are very pleased to cooperate with Agency9 in order to offer our students technically advanced and challenging courses within Virtual Reality." Says Ph.D. Kåre Synnes, head of the Institution for Media Technology at LTU.

About Agency9
Agency9 is a Swedish computer game developer headquartered in Luleå in Northern Sweden. Agency9 offer software engines for visualizations and surround audio. The company’s flagship product AgentFX™ 2 Platform is a high-performance platform-independent 3D-engine. The engine is used in a variety of products such as games and research studies about virtual environment. AgentFX™ 2 Platform uses the OpenGL API and is developed purely in Java. It offers a clean interface for developers and boosts profitability, increases market penetration and leads to high availability.


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