Cafu Engine 12.05 Released

We’re happy and proud to announce immediate availability of Cafu 12.05, the May 2012 binary release of the Cafu Engine!

Cafu is an open-source 3D game and graphics engine. The new version 12.05 culminates three years of exciting work into a new stable demo release: It marks the completion and first release of the new Cafu Model Editor, many structural enhancements for game developers, and the beginning of our work on the next version (which in fact already has begun — we just couldn’t wait).

New Features

For game developers, we cleaned up the source code, revised the code design, improved the directory layout, added new C++ and scripting reference documentation, fixed many bugs, added support for new compiler versions and platform variants, speeded up the release cycle for source archives and development binary releases, and much more.

Several hundred changes to the source code were made, see the complete changelog for details.

The Model Editor

The highlight of the release is the new Cafu Model Editor and the new models program code. The Model Editor answers the question:

“How do I get my models into Cafu?”

It can import many file formats and provides a graphical user interface for making Cafu-specific settings and adjustments to the imported model.

The related new model code implements advanced features like automatic resource sharing, skeletal animation, seamless blending of several animation sequences, animation channels, skins, level-of-detail, submodels, GUI fixtures, and a lot more.

For more information about the Model Editor, please see:

DocumentationVideo How-ToGallery

Cafu Model Editor How-To

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in development of Cafu 12.05: programmers, documentation writers (a work in progress), and testers. We also thank our user community for the dedication and support — we needed it more than ever.

Now that this version is finally released, we are grasping the future with both hands: A new series of improvements has already been prepared, and we’re now eager to implement them as quickly as possible!

What is Cafu? (A brief introduction)

Cafu Screenshot The Cafu Engine (formerly known as Ca3D-Engine) is an all-purpose, modern 3D graphics engine and game development kit, feature complete to get you started quickly.

Cafu is available to everyone as 100% free software under the GNU General Public License. It can be used to create a variety of 3D applications, including games, simulations, and training and architectural software. Written in C++, the tools, libraries and framework have been designed to make the development of new games and other 3D applications easy. They are actively and continuously developed in order to provide the latest technology.

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