MV3D Multiplayer Game Framework Version 0.75 Released!

We are very happy to announce the release of version 0.75 of MV3D! This was mainly a bug-fixing release with more than 65 bugs squashed. Also, in this release, MV3D gained support for Linux with the Ogre3D renderer along with Mac OS X with the Panda3D renderer. This means that MV3D’s client, server, and tools are available on Windows, Linux, and OS X! With bug-fixes across the whole platform, this is also the most stable release of MV3D to date.

MV3D is an open source multiplayer game and virtual world framework written in Python. It encompasses a scalable server with dynamic load balancing, a robust set of content creation tools, and an extensible 3D client application. MV3D provides the foundation to build anything from 3D chat rooms to full MMORPGs with the goal of letting you concentrate on creating a unique virtual world instead of the infrastructure to support it.

For more information on MV3D and this or future releases, please visit the website. The full release notes for version 0.75 are available online.


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