British Game Studio To Launch Search for Game Voice Actors on Gamevoices Social Media Site

A British games studio is to offer an opportunity to more than 3000 video game voice actors in a trial project which could revolutionise the way video games companies seek out game voice talent. The Gamevoices network has offered an unnamed British game development company access to their impressive roster free of charge in the hope that the studio can secure the services of up to five or six game voicing talents. The partnership could be first in a series of projects which sees games studios and game voice actors enjoying a closer relationship. The traditional model sees studios approaching Voice Talentagencies and paying a fee to a middle-man in order to secure the chosen talent, however Gamevoices director John Armstrong believes that if the forthcoming project is a success then it could revolutionise the video game and animation voice industry.

“It’s exciting times,” Armstrong said. “We were initially approached by a British studio who were interested in pitching to the Gamevoices network and will trial that over the next couple of months. “Since then we’ve had further interest from a Trans-Atlantic studio looking to do something similar and are anticipating a number of other games and animation studios using our service to find voice talent in the near future. “It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Game voice artists know that they are getting a fair deal as there are no barriers to showcasing their talent; currently they can freely upoad audio or video showreels and the studios can take their pick based on the different criteria they require. The studios deal directly with the talent without having to go through an agency.”

The Gamevoices network hosts a wide range of talent featuring some of the biggest names in the industry including Charles Martinet (Super Mario), Adam Howden (Anders in Dragon Age and also Tintin in the video game), Zach Hanks (Captain Macmillan - Call of Duty) and many more stars you’ll easily recognise. Though the network is not all about big name voice actors, it does include and actively encourages voice actors looking to break into the video games industry.

Gamevoices was created in 2008 as an off-shoot of the already established World Gaming Executives network. A simple request from a voice actor to send a showreel to developers on WGE led to a formation of the Gamevoices network where others could upload video and audio and invite other members of the industry to view their work. “From what we have seen, voice actors in video games industry seem to have few online places to do this as most if not all sites charge a monthly listing fee or take a percentage from the introduction fee,” John Armstrong said. “Perhaps the days of paying massive fees to Hollywood Celebrity actors for cameos in new games are dwindling. For most indie studios they never existed. “The key for these studios has always been to get the best you can for as little as possible. “For the actors themselves it has been about negotiating a fair wage for the work. “Neither of these can necessarily exist when someone sits between them taking money for - what on a social media site- would be free. “Gamevoices is that social media site.”

Editors Notes

  • Game voice artists and game developers can log in to Gamevoices for free at
  • Developers wishing to employ a voice actor must negotiate rates directly with that artist.
  • An ad fee will be charged only to the Studio or Developer if Gamevoices are employed to create a casting call or conduct a members search for a specific voice type


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