VoiceBunny makes voiceovers affordable for all game developers

Every videogame developer should have access to talented, affordable, voice actors to help bring their characters to life on the screen; we can help.

Voicebunny makes it easy to get crowdsourced voiceovers in minutes from a pool of 100,000 professionals - It’s “crowdvoicing”! Over 50+ languages are supported. Connecting to the VoiceBunny API turns blogs and news articles into podcasts automatically and in just minutes after it’s posted. Some other use cases: video editing apps can offer great voices to their clients, ads for online radio can be created while the client is buying the campaign, indie videogame developers can get affordable, professional voices easily, apps can deliver custom content at low cost, etc. VoiceBunny’s potential is limitless.

VoiceBunny was founded by husband and wife Alexander Torrenegra and Tania Zapata. Tania was an aspiring voice artist. She had been taken advantage of by a few talent agents. Alex then hacked together Voice123.com, the first online voice casting service. Without venture capital, they grew it to over 100,000 talents and over 3 million auditions. Buyers and talents didn’t have to deal with agents and casting directors any longer. Now with VoiceBunny, Alexander and Tania are trying to speed up the process of getting a great voice recording to just minutes by getting rid of the auditioning part and providing an API.

Video: VoiceBunny in 60 seconds (by its founders): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xDN1yh_Itk

Also, Mr. VoiceBunny gives new buyers $100 to use the VoiceBunny API.

VoiceBunny Facts: Location: New York City and Bogotá. Languages: 50+ Talents: 135,000 Average time it takes for a project to be accepted by a talent: 98 seconds. Average cost per word for large projects: 8 cents per word. Quotes from co-founder Alexander Torrenegra: “The process of getting a voice over was highly inefficient. Getting a good 60 second voice used to take days and over $3,000, plus royalties. Today you can get the same quality work for about $57 flat.” “We pinpointed the inefficiencies and tried to get rid of them. First, the manual and slow work of the casting director. Then, the bureaucracy of the talent agent. The last inefficiency is the casting part, as talents have to submit dozens of auditions in order to get just one job. VoiceBunny automates the selection of the best voice for each project speeding up the process over 10x.”

Quotes from co-founder Tania Zapata: “Many talent agents don’t like us. In fact, some agents tried to blacklist talents that participated in our marketplace. The strategy backfired for most of them as most talents no longer need agents to make a living.” “Seven years ago, building a home voiceover studio cost about $12,000. Today, you can do it for $450.” “VoiceBunny is the fastest way to get a great voice recording delivered. Years ago it took several days. Last year it took several hours. Today, with VoiceBunny, it only takes a few minutes”.


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