xaitment Releases AI source code for no extra charge

xaitment announced today that it has made its AI source code available to all current and future US and European customers who license full versions of its AI software modules, xaitMap and xaitControl. The downloadable source code is available at no extra charge for all platforms supported by xaitment: Windows®, Linux®, Xbox360®, and PLAYSTATION®3.

xaitMap and xaitControl provide developers with well-maintained, well-supported libraries and graphical tools for NavMesh generation, pathfinding, movement, character behavioral modeling and game logic. The availability of xaitment source code gives developers the added ability to more easily debug, optimize and customize the code , which ultimately saves time in the development of unique AI features for their game or simulation.

xaitment’s AI source code is available free-of-charge for a limited time. For more information, contact xaitment via its website (www.xaitment.com) or email info@xaitment.com.


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