demonWare Launches BitDemon 1.0

demonWare announces today the release of BitDemon 1.0 netcode for enabling online play on PC, Playstation 2 and Xbox platforms.

With the explosion in demand for online gaming and the move towards middleware in the industry to handle the surge in technical requirements, demonWare has launched BitDemon 1.0 to take the brunt of the effort out of the multiplayer games development.

Online gaming has become very important in current generation consoles, and will be a critical component to the success of future generation consoles.” said Drew Angeloff, Xbox Tools and Middleware Manager. “I am very pleased to have demonWare supporting Xbox Live development.”

“In this era of advanced graphics and online play, studios are under more pressure than ever to meet the expectations of their fans,” said demonWare CTO Sean Blanchfield. “We efficiently solve the online development challenge for these companies, and allow them to focus on improving gameplay instead. BitDemon 1.0 has been painstakingly developed in close cooperation with its target market, and is the first software product to provide all the cutting-edge techniques that take so long to develop and re-invent in-house.”

BitDemon 1.0 enables players to see each other and interact in the same virtual world, enabling an optimum balance to be struck between game rules and game play. BitDemon is an alternative to in-house netcode development and re-invention. It allows developers to fast-track their development process with a tried-and-tested multiplayer solution, and to instead focus on the quality of the gameplay.

Building on industry-standard techniques, demonWare have developed an advanced netcode component that improves the performance of multiplayer games, resulting in improvements in the player experience. It features client-side prediction, delta compression, interpolation, extrapolation, and supports level-of-detail and space-partitioning algorithms to provide an integrated stable platform for any title that requires online play.

BitDemon 1.0 is now available for Playstation 2, Xbox and PC, and is currently being ported to Sony PSP (Playstation Portable).

About demonWare

demonWare is a network software company which provides network functionality for online computer games, allowing increasing numbers of people to play against each other across the internet.

BitDemon technology allows developers on Sony Playstation 2, Microsoft Xbox and PC platforms to deliver seamless gameplay over the net to their customers. As a tried and tested middleware product, it allows developers to reduce development time and costs while focusing on their gameplay

demonWare was founded by Dylan Collins and Sean Blanchfield in 2002 in Dublin, Ireland
and works with many of the worlds leading developers, publishers and game
technology providers to deliver leading edge network gameplay at speeds gamers want now.

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