GarageGames Releases Torque 3D 1.2 and Comprehensive FPS Tutorial

Version 1.2 of Torque 3D (TM), the successor of the Front Line Award winning engine from GarageGames(R), has been publicly released and is now available for purchase. Built upon superior 3D and multiplayer technology, the latest version of Torque 3D is the most cost effective full-source solution for the hobbyist, students, small team and game studios.

With this version of Torque 3D, GarageGames has provided more technology examples and sets a new standard for introductory tutorials. A demo environment with over 950 megabytes of new content including building models, props, and updated documentation are included with the release. This version underscores the importance of creating extensive new-user documentation. It includes a beginning-to-end tutorial for creating a first-person shooter deathmatch game with the engine. Developers can download a free demo of the latest Torque 3D engine.

New Art – GarageGames has included a new high-fidelity environment in this version of Torque 3D. The Chinatown level features new buildings, a small courtyard, and a helicopter crash environment as well as several lighting variations from day/night scenarios as well as a foggy morning and a spooky evening scene. Torque 3D also ships with new weapons, a number of vehicle and city props, buildings, and interior environments.

New First Person Shooter Tutorial – For the 1.2 release, GarageGames has included an extensive first-person shooter deathmatch tutorial. This tutorial takes anyone interested in game development through the steps necessary to design and create engaging combat scenarios. The tutorial includes the details of level design, the creation of weapons from the ground-up, development of compelling combat, and understanding networking concepts.

Detailed First Person Views - GarageGames has included the ability to separate first and third-person models in the engine. This allows game developers to create extremely detailed first-person models and realistic third-person views. This ensures that your art team can create the best-looking art without compromising game performance.

New Gameplay Elements – Included with version 1.2 of Torque 3D are three new gameplay additions to the engine: AI Turrets, Proximity Mines, and Teleporters. They have each been created in C++ for maximum performance in networked games. AI Turrets have the ability to target players that move within a specified field of view and can even be used as player deployed weapons. Proximity mines register movement for explosion with adjustable sensitivity. Teleporters allow players to move quickly between areas of the level and find new points of advantage.

Pricing and Availability
Version 1.2 is available to existing Torque 3D owners for an upgrade cost of $49, and new licenses can be purchased at $179.

To experience the free tutorial and demo Torque 3D simply visit

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