Cricket Audio makes it easy to add audio to iOS and Android apps

Cricket Technology today announced that Cricket Audio, an audio software library for iOS and Android, has exited beta and is now available for licensing.

Cricket Audio allows app developers to quickly add sound to their apps with just a few lines of code. It can play sounds directly from memory with low latency, or stream them from storage media, and is designed specifically for mobile games, with highly optimized code and low, predictable memory usage. It also works on Windows and OS X, so it can be integrated into authoring tools.

Cricket Audio simplifies the task of writing cross-platform apps by providing a common C++ interface that can be used on both iOS and Android. It also offers an Objective-C interface on iOS and a Java interface on Android.

Cricket Audio’s easy-to-use data processing tools are provided for both Windows and OS X.

Cricket Audio can be licensed for $299 per developer for either iOS or Android or $399 for both platforms. The prices include a full year of support and allow the developer to release an unlimited number of apps.

A free 30-day demo version can be downloaded from the Cricket Technology website,

About Cricket Technology
Cricket Technology is dedicated to bringing professional-quality audio to mobile devices. Its flagship product, Cricket Audio, enables mobile developers to easily add sound to games and other apps on iOS and Android.

Cricket Technology was founded in 2011 by Steve Merel, a video game industry veteran who has implemented cutting-edge audio in games for companies such as Harmonix Music Systems, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Activision Blizzard.


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