MegaFiers v1.74 released with 6 new modifiers

Version 1.74 of MegaFiers is in the Asset store now, this release brings 6 new modifiers, Sinus Curve and Crumple are versions of the Unity procedural examples, and also Vertex Paint where you can paint a deformation onto a mesh a little like ZBrush. Vertex Paint Video We have also teamed up with Di-O-Matic to bring their enhanced Morph-O-Matic system to Unity via a new custom Morpher and exporter for Max. This morpher offers super fast morphs and low memory usage while the Max Morph-O-Matic plugin gives the artist much improved control over building their morph animations. Morph-O-Matic example Video And finally this release sees a new feature in Vertex selection modifiers so the effects of deformations can be limited to weighted selections the first two selection modes offered are Volume select and vertex color based. Vertex Selection Video


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