MegaFiers v1.69 released.

MegaFiers is a complete mesh deformation and animation system for Unity. It provides the user with 40 real time modifiers such as Bend, Twist, Stretch, FFD as well as the most complete Morphing solution for Unity with custom exporters for 3ds max and Blender. There are also modifiers to give page turning effects complete with a book script and modifiers to apply easy secondary motion to meshes such as fat tummies or rabbit ears. All the modifiers can be stacked on top of one another to give highly complex animations.

The morphing system allows for any number of channels with any number of targets per channel and is perfect for doing complex face and speech animations. It is heavily optimized and like the rest of the system takes advantage of multi core CPUs. Also supported is Point cache animation via industry standard .pc2, .mdd and .mc files for extremely fast playback of very complex animations.

Please take a look at our Youtube channel for videos on the system or visit the main Unity forum thread for more examples of the system. Or visit our Website


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