Prep your spells and blades! Interview with David, Head of Hero-Arena.

LAG: Well, let’s start from the top, how would you describe Hero Arena, in a single sentence?

David: Hero-Arena is an action/rpg that pits you and friends against waves of enemies or against each other with customized characters

LAG: I looked at the Screens myself, and I have to ask you, did another game inspire you to design those specific models? It all feels very “Fairy Tale-ish”.

David: With Hero-Arena we’re going for a fairly cartoon vibe , obviously big games like World of Warcraft with their hand painted textured inspired us quite a bit but also free to play MMO games like Eden Eternal and Dragon Nest are pretty hefty sources of inspiration as well.

LAG: What do you feel makes Hero-Arena stand out from other Action/Rpgs?

David: With Hero-Arena we’re definitely trying to give it an over the top vibe with some really killer but simple visuals. The biggest catch is that H-A is completely browser based. Meaning at home or at work or wherever you drag your laptop to, you can jump in and play anytime !

LAG: Huh. That is very interesting indeed! How will H-A work exactly? Let us say, I was a freshly registered user. What would I do next most likely?

David: First you would create a character. Their will be a total of 10 classes in game and each will have many different outfit parts. Once you’re finished that you’re taken back to the menu where you can choose either to start a tutorial or start your first arena. It is action based so be sure to check out how your opponents are moving to give you insight on how to fight them !
LAG: Can you list out these Classes? Perhaps give a very brief description to what each one would be good at?

David: At the moment I will reveal 5 classes :
- Guardian : Run in with no fear of close combat !
- Minstrel : Using instruments the minstrel attacks from a distance!
- Magician : Conjures up dark magic ripping the fabric of time.
- Assassin : If you see them, you’re already dead.
-Reaper : Using Scythes in combat the Reaper fights for one thing, death.
We are taking strong initiative and planning to make sure that every class plays very differently then the other to keep everyone wanting to try out each one.

LAG: What will levelling look like? Gaining new items and gear?

David: During the arena matches you will be able to pick up random loot such as clothing pieces, items and gear. The main focus of our gear system will be on the weapons, which we hope will show quite vividly as we continue our weekly updates. There will also be a shop that will randomly have all of those up for sale at random given times so always be on the lookout !

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