Noesis Technologies Announces NoesisGUI Release

Today Noesis Technologies announced the release of NoesisGUI, a new User Interface framework built on hardware accelerated vector graphics that benefits from its scalable multi-threaded architecture to take advantage of current and future multi-core processors, making it easier for game and interactive application developers to design amazing interfaces for their products.

“Working with Noesis Engine has been a breeze. It's helped us shorten our development cycle, which means we have more time left to make our products look and feel exactly how we intended. It's also enabled our artists to create great-looking GUIs with very little programmer intervention,” said Angel Sastre, CTO of Sensaa. “To top it all off, the customer service team is responsive and helpful, so you never feel left out in the cold.”

“Our team has over a decade of experience working in the field of video games and interactive applications. We put all our knowledge to create a product capable of meeting the growing demand for new and attractive ways to interact with the user,” said Jesús de Santos, CTO of Noesis Technologies. “There is strong competition but we are confident that our product has its opportunity in the market."

NoesisGUI main features:

Vector based: It uses vector primitives that are converted back to triangles in real time with a powerful GPU-assisted tessellation algorithm. This allows for resolution independent user interfaces with optimum quality.

GPU accelerated: It employs a proprietary SVG rasterizer implemented 100% on the GPU using shaders. The result is a full hardware accelerated UI with an astounding antialiasing quality.

Based on XAML: It uses XAML files as source data for defining interfaces. A wide subset of the XAML standard is supported allowing the use of Microsoft Expression Blend or any other editor to design the visual aspect of your UI.

Multithreaded architecture: It has been designed from scratch to take full advantage of today's high-tech architectures in a scalable way. Get maximum performance on multi-core processors without having to be a threading expert.

Animation: All properties found in NoesisGUI elements can be fully animated using a wide set of curves and transitions. Animate positions, colors, gradients, layers, etc. Do not put a limit to the creativity of your artist team.

3D projection: In NoesisGUI every item can be projected onto 3D. Achieve sophisticated visual effects thanks to this feature that integrates your UI into real 3D scenes.

Skinning: The visual style of any NoesisGUI widget can be thoroughly customized thanks to an advanced skinning system that will lead you to the exact result you want for your application.

Efficient workflow: In NoesisGUI each UI panel is an independent data resource that can be altered without touching any application code. This allows changing the visual aspect without writing a single line of code. That way your programmer and artist team can work in parallel avoiding bottlenecks between them.

C++ API: We know how important is to have an efficient UI that does not steal CPU cycles from your application. NoesisGUI is fully written in C++, exposing a highly optimized API that can be used from your favourite 3D or game engine.

Noesis Engine: NoesisGUI is part of Noesis Engine. Same architecture, same granularity, same advantages: multiplatform, memory management, serialization, multicore, profiling tools and a lot more thanks to the organic design of Noesis.

For additional information e-mail Sergio Fernandez at

About Noesis Technologies
Noesis Technologies S.L. is a company based in Spain and founded in 2009 with the clear philosophy of introducing interactive 3D graphics technology everywhere. Specialists in any kind of human-machine interaction as well as efficient and awesome visual representation of information, with vast experience in creating interactive experiences in any kind of platform. As an important part of their business vision they are establishing relationships with the indie, open source and educational communities.


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