Web Browser Inside NeoAxis Engine

NeoAxis Group, developers of 3D game engine NeoAxis, reports about NeoAxis and Awesomium library integration. Awesomium is a windowless framework, based on Chromium/WebKit engine, that now can be plugged to NeoAxis as extension. Using Awesomium developers can embed online web pages and implement unique, rich and original gameplay features inside their applications, be it games or something else — in fact it's a real web browser right inside NeoAxis Engine. NeoAxis implementation of Awesomium includes easy control through GUI and support for in-game 3D interface, provided by NeoAxis, being available for Windows and Mac as precompiled binary files with integration source code included. Framework usage is free for non-commercial projects and indie companies with revenue in previous year less than $100,000. Additional details about Awesomium and license terms available at http://awesomium.com. Visit NeoAxis website and Awesomium for NeoAxis extension page for additional details and demo.


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