CopperCube 3.0 released

CopperCube, the editor for creating 3D games in Flash and WebGL but also as Windows and Mac applications has been released today in version 3.0.

This new release of CopperCube adds a lot of other new features, such as dynamic lights for all targets, the possibility to create plugins for the editor using JavaScript, audio for the WebGL target, double sided materials, new actions and improved behaviors, JavaScript as scripting language for the Mac OS X .app and Windows .exe target, polygon editing tools in the editor, a better third person camera for indoor scenes, improved file importers, better WebGL performance, and much more.

Adobe just released their Flash Player 11 yesterday, with real, hardware accelerated 3D capabilities, named Stage3D. CopperCube 3 now gives the possibility to use this new feature without the need to write any code in any programming language. You can create games, 3D model viewers, architectural visualizations and product configurators for Adobes Flash Stage 3D using CopperCube without programming. There are 6 new demos on the CopperCube website, showing this.

CopperCube is free to test for 14 days.

Details about CopperCube:


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