ReplicaNet v7.0 Released

Replica Software is pleased to announce the ReplicaNet V7.0 SDK has been released: The SDK includes object replication, network sessions, packet transports, lobby services, documentation, tutorials and example code. ReplicaNet and RNLobby are cross platform C++ networking libraries used by multi-player games and enterprise software. "Support for ReplicaNet and RNLobby has expanded in recent months to include various mobile platforms" said Martin Piper, owner of Replica Software, "So we chose to switch to a source distribution model to reduce the download size and complexity involved compared to supplying numerous binary library builds." Integration with ReplicaNet and RNLobby is now much easier since it typically involves compiling and linking with a single amalgamated source file containing all relevant code. This amalgamated source file produces other benefits such as higher performance code as the compiler can optimise similar code blocks more efficiently. With ReplicaNet and RNLobby it is now possible to extend multi-platform support for a MMO game to mobile devices, games consoles and desktop PCs.


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