Version 0.9.8 of the free open-source 3D engine PixelLight released

The birthday version 0.9.8 of the free open-source, cross-platform 3D application framework PixelLight has been released. It's been one year since the first public release and nearly 9 years since development start on September 16, 2002.

The previous releases focused on integrating third party libraries, time to turn the tables. Applications, including their life cycle, are now controlled by frontends. This makes the technology usable for a broader spectrum of applications. The SDK includes four frontends: One for PixelLight's own GUI system, a lightweight native OS frontend, one for the UI framework Qt and a null frontend without any GUI involved used for example when only rendering into background buffers. In this release, there's also a first version of a plugin for "ASSIMP - Open Asset Import Library" in order to provide loader implementations for 3ds, obj, Blender, Collada and so on. The source code now also compiles with Clang and is using the new language keyword "override" from C++0x. Beside the new features, there are changes with the goal to simplify the overall structure of PixelLight. For details, please have a look into the development diaries within the Git repository.

Please have a look at the release notes for more information about the new features, changes and bugfixes.

Download current PixelLight SDK version (Version 0.9.8-R1):
PixelLight SDK (Windows)
PixelLight SDK (Linux)

Download the current PixelLight source code version 0.9.8-R1:
PixelLight 0.9.8-R1 source codes, .tar.gz file
PixelLight 0.9.8-R1 external public dependencies for Windows, .tar.gz file
PixelLight 0.9.8-R1 external public dependencies for Linux, .tar.gz file


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