Write Once, Deploy Everywhere with App Game Kit

AGK comes in two flavours, a BASIC interpreter with powerful commands (like LoadImage, CreateSprite, PlaySound etc), and as a set of C++ libraries for the more seasoned developer.

With the AGK BASIC, apps can be quickly coded and deployed to multiple devices at compile time. Games are automatically scaled to different screen resolutions and with universal input commands games will utilise the ideal input method of each device.

Developers simply code their games in AGK script or C++ using an industry standard IDE and then compile their game app to their target platform.

AGK supports iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Samsung Bada and MeeGo. Allowing developers to deploy games instantly for the Apple App Store, Mac Store, Samsung Apps, and Intel’s AppUp Store.

Following on, phase 2 will see extra platforms added, including Android, Windows Mobile 7, Blackberry and WebOS. No changes to the games will be required, just select a new platform and the games can be deployed to these devices.

AGK makes the task of deploying apps across the most popular app platforms extremely easy, saving an enormous amount of time and energy so that developers can work on other things such as promoting their apps or working on their next creation.

The Game Creators’ CEO, Lee Bamber said “AGK is a tool we needed at TGC, it's already saving us time and money developing new apps. We're sure other developers will find it invaluable and it's also easy for hobbyist and indie developers to get started making games with.”

The App Game Kit can be purchased today from the official website: http://www.appgamekit.com/


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