Canaries in a Coalmine: A new alternate reality game

A new online alternate reality game from EDGE@TERC and GameGurus, Canaries in a Coalmine, invites you to unpack a mysterious message from the future about the health of our environment.

All around us, we see signs. Ice caps melting, bees dying, birds falling from the skies, oceans rising, deadly hurricanes, tsunamis. The media tells stories of our impending doom or deny and tell us not to sweat it. We go through our daily lives barely taking notice of the world around us. Most of us block out the noise that sensationalist media has become.

But now a message has arrived that we can not ignore.

Players wade through the claims and counter claims, and search for evidence in the world around them as to what might be real or what might be hype. They take part in challenges to find answers to the complex issues facing our society - how do we curb our growth and habits so that we don’t do ourselves in (along with thousands of other species). Birds are good indicators of the health of Earth’s ecosystems. Players around the world follow the Canaries towards innovative solutions to the ultimate game - saving our planet. Heed the Call...

EdGE and Gamegurus have launched Canaries in a Coalmine to attract gamers to a new kind of game - one that puts their grinding and questing to good use. As an interesting twist, the designers have geo-cached a number of flash drives with important pieces of the storyline. It is hoped that finders of the drives will come to the game site and join the game and contribute their valuable information.

Learn more about Canaries in a Coalmine by contacting Jodi Asbell-Clarke at EdGE at TERC (jodi_asbell-clarke AT or Scott Kirk at GameGurus (scott AT


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