Leadwerks Announces .NET Support

Leadwerks Software has released version 2.5 of their game development software Leadwerks Engine, featuring enhanced graphics and support for the Microsoft .NET application framework. Josh Klint, CEO of Leadwerks said, “.NET support fits in with our goal of making game development simple and more approachable for programmers. We have an energetic community of coders who have been requesting .NET support for some time, and we’re happy to deliver that in Leadwerks Engine 2.5 along with enhancements to our renderer.”

Leadwerks Engine lets developers write games in C++, C#, VB.NET, and Lua script. The company seeks to simplify the complicated process of game development by providing a streamlined production pipeline and an intuitive command set. “With traditional game development tools, you've got to choose between ease of use and the quality of your results,” continued Josh, “We don’t see things that way. We believe powerful tools should also be flexible and fun to use, and that’s been our driving philosophy since the first version of Leadwerks Engine was released back in 2006. We’re very excited about extending support to a new audience using the .NET framework. We also support C# programming with Mono, in preparation for our plans to bring great graphics to mobile devices.”

Independent game developers are using Leadwerks Engine to deliver games with visuals that can go head-to-head with titles from major studios. Tricubic Studios is using Leadwerks to develop their helicopter flight simulator Combat-Helo. Richard Hawley, Director of Tricubic Studios, said that “Leadwerks gave us a shortcut to achieve the kind of special effects seen in major AAA titles including HDR, motion blur, infrared vision, and dozens of real-time lights for dramatic day or night scenes with no performance penalty. The vegetation system alone can compete with systems costing many times more. We needed an engine that could render hundreds of thousands of trees to convince the player they were flying a lethally efficient helicopter at low level. The performance of Leadwerks has just been amazing.”

Leadwerks Engine continues to be priced affordably for independent game developers at $199.99, with a source code license available under a separately negotiated agreement. A fully provisioned 30-day trial version can be downloaded from the Leadwerks website.

Founded in 2006, Leadwerks Software provides cutting-edge game development tools at an affordable price. By providing amazing technology that's easy to use, Leadwerks empowers game developers, digital artists, and architects to bring their 3D ideas to reality. With over 10,000 customers worldwide, Leadwerks has earned a loyal customer base and developed proprietary technologies that are now being leveraged to build new products and expand their market to include tablets and smart phones.


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