Silverform SDK is available for a technical preview.

Silverform delivers modern patterns and tools for game user interface development with Unity3D engine. We have got a lot of positive experience using MVVM, Silverlight® and WPF as well as XAML tools in UI development. Now we want to share this expirience revealing Silverform SDK to you. It is still the pre-stable version and we continue working to make it production ready, meanwhile, we would like to get your feedback to help us identify what Silverform still lacks before it can be used in production environment.

Product detailes:
- Rich control library: Silverform SDK provides variety of WPF/Silverlight® compatible controls starting from buttons, check box, text box and many others simple controls. All simple controls in combination with feature rich list box, combo box, tab control, etc., empower to create very distinct look of your game while representing complicated trees of data together with input controls.
- Flexible customization: Silverform SDK implements WPF/Silverlight® approaches to guarantee that every single visual or logical detail of each control is easily customizable.
Silverform SDK is delivered along with Unity3D plug-in. It makes setting up the runtime as smooth as possible.
- 100% managed code: Silverform SDK is implemented in C# and completely managed code library. In case developers follow good practice of managed code programming they will benefit from the reliability and error recovery of the UI developed with Silverform.
- Efficient layout engine: Following simple guidelines you will be able to benefit from easy refitting of interface controls in number of resolutions due to feature rich layout engine.
- Powerful animation system: Silverform SDK is compatible with WPF/Silverlight® animation system to reach remarkable visual effects and level of interactivity. User interface of your game will become highly competitive without spending effort into creation of complex logic within every screen.

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