Game Developers Satirize American Politics

According to a report by the Digital Designer Media, the latest to come from the game industry is not a game, but an animated cartoon series satirizing American politics. ILL Clan Inc., a New York based animation and game development studio, helped develop a real-time animation technique called Machinima in 1998. These group of programmers, artists, and comedians are nowadays best known for their unusual live animation performances.

The group has used the talents of both game developers and animators from all over the world to help produce their cartoon series. "It doesn't matter what country you're in, making fun of Bush is like shooting fish in a barrel," says Mike Steven, a 3D game-level designer.

"Machinima (Machine + Cinema) is what we in the 3D animation industry call the technique of using computer game technology to create animated movies," says Paul Marino, author of the new book Machinima Artistry and executive director of the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences. This combination of the techniques of film-making and the technology of computer games has helped open doors for 3D animators to show off their talents, without breaking the budget.

More too this story can be found at Digital Designer Media


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