World Gaming Executives adds GooglePlus 30+ Social Network Groups and Pages

World Gaming Executives (WGE) today announces that Googleplus is the latest Social Network to be added to its catalogue of business network pages across Social Media.

“WGE began on Social Media sites and have continued that way” said John Armstrong Director at World Gaming Executives. “The idea was always to meet Game Developers and members of the Interactive Entertainment Industry, wherever they appeared most ‘at home’. For some its Facebook or Twitter for others LinkedIn etc. As we started, we realised how many Social Media sites and groups were needed to cover the gamut of Game Dev hangouts. GooglePlus is the latest and most obvious example. WGE now appears in more than 30 groups and social network sites and won’t stop there”

With over 30,000 followers and Members it appears that the strategy is working.

WGE groups and pages are also split into various interactive entertainment disciplines including Gamevoices for Video Game Acting Voiceovers, Illustrati for Game Art and various groups for Gaming/gambling entertainment, a platform crossover phenomena which WGE covers in their onsite articles. Their recently updated World Gaming executives ‘home page’ site is on the Ning Network.

“We have always focused on Video and Mobile Gaming – but these days it would seem that World Gaming Executives is becoming a bit of a misnomer. All levels of Industry employees are members and membership extends out into the comic book and film & TV industries”, Continued Armstrong, “I guess we are more Interactive Entertainment now, however many industries that includes. We recently joined UKIE as a Trade Association because wanted people to see how being a WGE member could help them in all Interactive endeavours.

To see the full list of WGE Network sites visit:


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