Instinct Technology IPR acquired with Instinct Engine going Open-source is to proud to announce its acquisition of the Instinct Technology Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). This allows the development on the Instinct Engine SDK games middleware to continue. A great deal of blood, sweat, and tears went into this product, so it's an honour to continue its legacy. It retains a high level of competitive features, which will now be improved and extended - particularly across hand-held devices. This will be tackled as an Open-source initiative, with the hope to foster an active community around these efforts. The plan is to also maximise the considerable back catalogue of game IP that was developed in and around the technology over the years, with this incredibly exciting development having a positive impact on the development efforts here going forward. consists of some founder members from the former Instinct Technology Ltd, which was base in Ireland but was liquidated in 2009 following the 11th hour collapse of a funding round. A proposed rescue of the product was put forward by the sister company Dark Water Studios, but that failed to materialize after a prolonged period as they went on to release their DogFighter game on Steam. The Intellectual Property Rights were finally secured in July 2011, taking the product forward as an Open-source initiative, along with a new focus on extending support to handheld devices.


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