Launches Auction Site for Video Game Licenses is a new auction site to buy and sell video game licenses across all major platforms. The Game Licenses custom licensing system allows publishers, developers, and brand owners to globally trade licenses in distribution, development, funding, localization and more.

The auction site can be used by game developers looking to find funding, publishers wanting to sign the latest indie game, or anyone looking to find worldwide distribution partners. The robust licensing system allows for the creation of any number of licenses across all areas of game development and distribution. For example, console developers can find a publisher, MMO developers can find distribution partners in Germany, and publisher's can buy the distribution rights to 'the next big thing'.

As well as finding the right game engine, every publisher knows that games linked to well known brands sell better. For this reason, expanded its marketplace to include brands. Now developers can come online looking for brands to associate with their games, and brand holders can use the auction site as a platform to promote their brands to developers.

Scott Kirk, Managing Director says “ really is a game changer. It fulfils a niche in the market where developers and publishers are looking to buy and sell licenses globally with ease”. is a global venture with partners in six countries around the world. Their goal is to empower indie developers by simplifying the process of buying/selling video game licenses around the world.


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