Game/AI Conference 2011 Final Line-Up Announced, Ticket Deadline! is proud to announce the final schedule for the Game/AI Conference 2011, set to take place at the CNAM in Paris on the 23rd and 24th of June. The line-up includes keynotes about the battle AI in Total War: Shotgun 2, physics-based animation in Backbreaker, and the AI director of Dark Spore. The conference also features presentations about automatic annotations in Killzone 3, and drive-oriented behaviors applied to Splinter Cell's bots, and the parametric animations of Crysis 2.

Other talks include optimizing the racing AI of Nascar, The Game 2011, procedural generation in Love (the MMO), emotional puzzles and social physics in Prom Week, and the turn-based AI of Greed Corp.

You'll also hear eight tutorials from experts in the field, in particular:
\[*\]Applying Reactive Planning Idioms to Behavior Trees
\[*\]Data-Mining Techniques Applied to Games
\[*\]Procedural Generation for Games
\[*\]The Next-Generation of Game Planners
\[*\]Rapid AI Development with C++
\[*\]The Future of Deliberative Decision Making
\[/list\]The tickets are available in the Store at pre-conference rates until June 3rd, after which the prices will increase. You can still secure your seat for 96 EUR only, or a V.I.P. ticket for 192 EUR. If you're a student there are tickets left at 48 EUR, please email us about those...

See you in Paris next month!


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