Playmaker 1.1 Released - Visual Scripting For Unity3D

Playmaker lets you quickly build gameplay prototypes, A.I. behaviors, animation graphs, interactive objects, in-engine cut-scenes, interactive walkthroughs and more.

Playmaker is designed to empower all members of your team - artists, designers, and programmers. Artists and designers can use hundreds of pre-built actions to author interactive content while Engineers can write new actions and expose them in a user friendly visual state editor!

Playmaker 1.1 New Features and Actions

- iTween: Full support for the powerful iTween library, including live path editing. Create smooth motion and effects with ease!

- iOS/Android: Quickly hook up mobile device actions including touch events, acceleration input, swipe gestures, and GPS!

- Templates: Improved workflow for Copy/Paste and Templates. Copy whole FSMs or create a library of templates and quickly apply them to new game objects.

- Performance: Improved performance for OnGUI actions using the new PlayMakerGUI component. Pay no cost if you don’t use OnGUI.

- GUI Editing: Realtime editing of GUI controls without running the game!

- PlayerPrefs: Save/load variables at runtime.

Plus workflow improvements that add up to a smoother editing experience, and new sample scenes that help you hit the ground running.

Pricing and Availability

Playmaker 1.1 is available now through the Unity Asset Store for $100.

About Hutong Games

Founded in 2010 by Alex Chouls and e.Ko, Hutong Games strives to create innovative interactive entertainment that engages on many levels. In the process, we develop tools that empower creative people - and we share them with other developers! Hutong Games is headquartered in New England, with offices in China.

For more information about Hutong Games and Playmaker, visit


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