AntTweakBar 1.14 released

After almost two years without update, a new version of AntTweakBar is released. AntTweakBar is a small and easy-to-use C/C++ library that allows programmers to quickly add a light and intuitive GUI into DirectX and OpenGL based graphic programs to interactively tweak parameters on-screen. It works with Windows, Linux and Mac OSX, and can be easily integrated with custom windowing system or existing toolkits (GLUT, SDL, GLFW, DXUT,...).
Among other improvements, this release includes 64-bit version of the library, it now supports DirectX 11 in addition to DirectX 9 DirectX 10 and OpenGL, it also supports multiple window applications, has a better support of Mac OSX, has updated wrappers for SDL 1.3, GLFW 2.7 and a new wrapper for integration with SFML 1.6.


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