BatteryTech Enables Cross-Platform Mobile Game Development

Mobile game development group Battery Powered Games LLC has developed a new product for Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows cross-platform game programming called BatteryTech. BatteryTech is a high-performance mobile platform abstraction framework. It provides APIs for developers to write native C++ code for both Android and iPhone while developing on a Mac or in Windows. Aimed at game developers seeking to build custom game solutions or port existing games to mobile, BatteryTech provides low-level services normally only found in big, costly engines. BatteryTech builds the foundation for light, high-performance, creative mobile game solutions. BatteryTech works with popular open source products such as Chipmunk Physics, Box2D, Bullet, Lua and Others. BatteryTech is priced at a one time fee of $250 for "indies" - individuals or companies of 5 or less. The standard commercial license is a one time fee of $1000.

For technical details and more information on licensing BatteryTech, please visit this website:


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