PyroGine v1.0-a3 Release

Is a modern, modular, object oriented programming language based on Object Pascal, a light-weight IDE and an advanced 2D game engine for Windows® PC.

Version v1.0-a3:

  • Added ColorLightmap, PolyPointCollision, Primitives, RenderTarget and Viewports demos.
  • Will detect if source file has been changed out side IDE, show dialog and allow you to load changed file.
  • Caption is not updated when all files is project group is closed. (Thanks 2Byte)

NOTE: This is an alpha release. Also there will be no DRM in the product. We will use the "Treat Software Like a Book" No-Nonsense License pioneered by Borland in the 1980s. It will require you to do a quick register to use (it emails to us your name, email address and product version info, which will at all times remain private). It simply allows us to track who is using the product. We're experimenting with a concept of associating the purchaser to the purchased product. This information will carry itself with the product. Same concept of when you go to a store and purchase a product you get a receipt that is associated with your purchase and product. I'm still kicking around this idea so if you have any ideas, thoughts and/or concerns we're open to hear them.

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AstroBlaster Demo

PyroGine v1.0-a3


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