Woody3D 1.1 SDK Evaluation, License Updates, and Free Tree Model Library

ANN ARBOR — January 24, 2011 — Rendering Systems Inc. today announced an update of their product Woody3D. Woody3D is a system for generating and rendering fully animated 3D trees for real-time. This new release includes a feature limited evaluation version of the Woody3D SDK, the complete Woody3D tree model library, and updates to the Woody3D Software License.

The Woody3D SDK Evaluation offers a feature limited evaluation of modeling tools and source code. Interested developers can now integrate Woody3D into their products risk free. Limited features include saving projects to file and leaf animation functions in the shader source.

A major rewrite of the Woody3D Software License now allows for unlimited development of products. This removes the per-product license requirement held by the previous agreement. Along with these changes comes a new price for the Woody3D license. Woody3D is now available for $99.95 USD.

For the first time the full Woody3D tree library is available for evaluation download through the product website. Combined with the Evaluation SDK, Rendering Systems hopes to give potential customers the “Full Woody Experience” before purchasing a license.

For more information interested parties are directed to the licensing page at http://woody3d.com/license


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